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Started Spotify - Wrong Song

This keeps giving me the wrong song no matter what I type.

5th Dimension Love's Lines Angles And Rhymes

I've tried putting in the title, I've tried putting in digital remaster 1997, whatever, Spotify web app gives me that song first sometimes, your app never does.

It's about time you allow proper metadata search.

I type in songtitles not album titles. I don't care what the title of the album was. If I ask for Love's Lines Angles And Rhymes I want that song, not a different one.

And as I can't use the web app to edit the playlist, a feature at least to let me rearrange a playlist would be nice. When I'm at work I have Android and Web App and this, and none of you let me do that.

Posted in Let user change searched results (youtube)

I would like to be able to change the Spotify result too, especially as you often give me the wrong one.
Given Spotify's android and web app won't let us rearrange our playlists perhaps you can support that feature? That way you'd have to get the list of Spotify URI links.

Perhaps allow us to give our location when we search on Spotify as you often give me no results when a song is clearly there, and you also give me non-existent links.

If a single song had its title mistyped or not the way Spotify wants it I have to redo the entire list with the login procedure etc. Would be easier to search again for a specific song or be able to put in its URI if I find it myself (often easiest).

Also when I went to Options on free text I didn't get any options all I got was something completely different. Ideally tab-delimited lets me copy-paste into Excel.

Posted in YouTube returns something that isn't a video and you get stuck

These things can change at any moment as we are at the mercy of what youtube returns to our search results, and as someone who also has a program that searches youtube, their failure to have proper metadata and subsequently actually get you what you want in a search is a massive pain.

The track that generated the problem today was Nerina Pallot - Man Didn't Walk On The Moon - Radio edit. (I normally remove "radio edit" from any youtube search but this came from your app where I imported from Spotify first)

Started A "back" button

Either make the back button on the browser perform its intended purpose, or give us a special one.

I want to be able to go back from the search results to the form where what I entered is still intact so I can edit it.