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Started by Soitora


Hello, I'm hosting a website with a database of over a thousand songs
My work process is basically when adding stuff to my database, I pull all info from Spotify to Excel and start my work mapping out each song.

This process would go multitudes faster if I found a service that could export playlists to
Song URI + Song Title + Artist URI + Artist Title, since I also add information about the artist with click support to start the song immediately in browser, computer program or mobile app.
Song URI, Song Title and Artist Title is pretty simple for me to find out and export quickly

My problem is Artist URI, unlike Spotify URI you can't just Select-All and right click Copy URI, I have yet to find a way to export the Artist URI list

Thank you for your time,
Sincerely Soitora




i do not understand clearly your need. You need artist uri with the export ?




Hey yeah, the TL;DR is that I need Artist URI with Export.
There's tons of websites that provides Song URI, Song Name, Artist Names, Album etc.etc.etc but noone that provides Artist URI, which is the hardest to get for me.

Sincerely Soitora