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Youre welcome !
Be sure to make a backlink to playlist converter if you can, it can really help my service…
i am currently trying to get time to work on it, doing multiple playlist conversion at once, adding new service etc…

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Many you can redirect your user to pl converter and i could preload the deezer playlist ? then the user coud export where he want, text or whenever ?

Is it suitable ? what is exactly your use case ?

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at this time url is only for remote url that return text. It should have the cors autorisation.
So its more for your own website integration than getting other url.
In your case it can be interesting to get the url from deezer indeed.
I am looking for adding this to the next api release.
Is it clear for you ?

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Yes could you submit your csv ?
Maybe some tracks are not available on deezer… but i need to investigate if you can't.