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Posted in Extra blank track on m3u playlist

Edit the m3u file in text editor to delete the last blank line.
If you want a more robust method see my how to.

Started Best Way to Convert from anything to Spotify

So the playlist etc conversions don't work at all, so here's the brute force method to convert from local files on your computer to Spotify:

1) Download and install Mp3tag
2) Copy files in playlist (eg drag from Itunes) into a windows folder
3) Mp3tag: File > Change Directory (Navigate to folder)
4) Highlight all files
5) File > Export
6) Copy the default txt_taglist (or create new). (3rd button on the right) .
7) Edit the default txt_taglist. (2nd button on the right) ENSURE TO SELECT NOTEPAD AS THE PROGRAM TO EDIT
8) File should just be:
$filename(txt,utf-8)$loop(%_path%)%title% %artist%
9) Open text file created
10) Copy into word document
11) These must be eliminated for best conversion results:
Replace (additional functionality from CTRL + F) the following with nothing:
3 spaces to 1 space
2 spaces to 1 space
12) Copy text from Word into playlist converter. ENSURE TO DELETE LAST LINE IF THERE IS A BLANK LINE
13) Convert to Spotify
14) Export the playlist to your Spotify account