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any follow up on this csv conversion issue?

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First of all, Thanks for the quick reply!

I don’t know what “deezer” is. I’m just trying to get an excel list of all the songs on my playlists so I can create the “Ultimate Playlist” for work.

For my ‘80s playlist of 1866 songs only 1738 came across into the CSV file. In this list, the first 315 tracks downloaded (up to “Lay it on the Line – Triumph”) then skips to track 322 (“Roll with the Changes – REO Speedwagon”). The following tracks are missing (among others later on down the list):
316 – “I Hate Myself for Loving You – Joan Jett & the Blackhearts”
317 – “Lonely is the Night – Billy Squier”
318 – “My Kinda Lover – Billy Squier”
319 – "Once Bitten Twice Shy – Great White”
320 – “Poison – Alice Cooper” &
321 – “Rocking’ into the Night - .38 Special”

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I have the same problem converting from Spotify to CSV. 1,866 tracks converts down to 1,738 on the list. Not converting duplicates (8) I understand, but what about the other 120 missing tracks?
(I can submit an excel file if needed.)