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Hey man,

Actually, the playlists helped me come up with this idea. Any chance I can get your email? I have already written out the explanation of how I came up with this as well as visuals to help get the idea across.

simply, I want to create a website where artists can maintain/organize/and update their social media at any point on all of their uploads across time (artists older uploads) and any music platform (Youtube/SoundCloud/Spotify/Beatport/etc.)

As an example, when you go to an artist SoundCloud or look in the citation section on an upload on Youtube you will see something like this.

Facebook - "Artists Facebook Link"
Twitter - "Artists Twitter link"
SoundCloud - "artists SC link"

This type of social media organization is on every upload that the artist has done. If the artists change their facebook name or get a new twitter, that link is now broken and the citation section has now lost its effectiveness for any upload that had that link. My idea will make sure this never happens.

Here is my email - justin.w.watts1988@gmail.com

If you are still confused about what it is, email me and ill send you the 3 google docs and a few pictures that make the idea a little more clear.

Thanks, man!!

Justin Watts

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Hey everyone,

Long Story short, I create playlists. In the act of doing so, I came up with an idea for artists of any genre or craft to maintain their social media organization much more efficiently than what I have seen creating my playlists. I have tried many outlets (start up companies, InventHelp) but everyone seems to think it's not necessary. I have talked to multiple artists and from my first-hand experience, this would be incredibly beneficial to not only music lovers like ourselves but the artists that make it.

I randomly thought of this website and how a bunch of freelance individuals created a website for something that was desperately needed, playlists conversion between platforms.

If you guys are interested, I would love to float this idea to you and see what you think about it. This would have the same approach as your website does as in a donation method of monetization. lol, sorry, I spare you more details.