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Started searching youtube deleted videos

I'm using your converter for maintaining my YouTube playlists.
I have about 20 playlists, which once in a while I go through to check if
some videos have been deleted, and if so I search for it again and add it, or save the title aside until
it will be available again. Currently the only way for doing that is by saving all titles in each
playlist and saving it in an excel file, since YouTube doesn't show which video was deleted,
only provides a message that the video doesn't exist.

I'm quite new to C# and I've tried to implement a way to save all the titles of the playlists of a chosen user
and then searching through all these titles to see if some were deleted - currently I've done some bits.

I'll be very glad if you can help me with fitting the edges of the first part, which is getting the data
of all playlists. I managed to do that for one playlists but that's as far at I got.
alternatively, it would be great if you could add to your converter an option to get all playlists as text
, and/or an option of searching deleted videos.

Thanks much - I use your converter a lot!