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Posted in Converting to Spotify freezes at some point

Hi Mathieu, thanks for this great app
i'm having a similar problem, the farthest the convertor has managed to go in 6 attempts is song number 174 but it usually freezes around 40 or sometimes even 7.

ok update:
retried several times, kept freezing but i finnally managed
for future reference to other users, the convertor seems to work better if you allow the app to access your account instead of just pasting a link to the playlist (which is what my lazy ass was doing the first times to save myself a couple of clicks). Also the convertor seems to be unable to find some songs, i checked them all and it seems to be the ones that have "album version" in their title, for example i didn't get
Queens of the Stone Age - First it Giveth
Sum 41 - Still waiting
The Killers - Here with me
and some other that all had album version in the title, once you notice it it's not much of a big deal, you just open your deezer playlist, type "album version" in the search bar of the playlist to know which songs to look for manually

thanks again for this great app