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RESOLVED: Creating empty playlist in Deezer

Started by Charlie


Thank you for this web app- you've inspired me to sharpen my JS and make something cool with it!
Trying it out, I've noticed a glitch with exporting to Deezer.

steps to recreate:

  1. Import playlist from Deezer, paste playlist URL. Tracks imported OK.
  2. Name playlist "Test Playlist"
  3. Export to Deezer. Tracks matched OK. Authentication with Deezer OK.
  4. Playlist created in Deezer. Named correctly. Description correct.
    Playlist contains no tracks.
    Playlist "Updated" timestamp says "1 hour ago", would expect < 1 minute.


This doesn't seem to be a problem anymore. Thanks, if you fixed it! If you didn't: Damn you, Deezer!