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Spotify - Wrong Song

Started by DJGrim


This keeps giving me the wrong song no matter what I type.

5th Dimension Love's Lines Angles And Rhymes

I've tried putting in the title, I've tried putting in digital remaster 1997, whatever, Spotify web app gives me that song first sometimes, your app never does.

It's about time you allow proper metadata search.

I type in songtitles not album titles. I don't care what the title of the album was. If I ask for Love's Lines Angles And Rhymes I want that song, not a different one.

And as I can't use the web app to edit the playlist, a feature at least to let me rearrange a playlist would be nice. When I'm at work I have Android and Web App and this, and none of you let me do that.



This is continually happening.

I ask for Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way and it gives me "Can't Stop".
I asked for Travis - Sing and it gave me some total other nonsense, and I asked for Travis - Side and again I didn't get a Travis song.
I asked for Four Tops - Keeper Of The Castle and got a different Four Tops song

That Spotify search is poor if you enter words not exactly as they have them (lovin' vs loving etc) is not your fault of course it's a fault of Spotify search, but in the above I entered them correctly and all the songs I requested are clearly on Spotify.

Better tagging, i.e. I am asking for an artist and title, not album, would make the search work better. Probably Not part of Spotify search API of course. And they mess up featured artists - they are there but if you search with them you often don't get the result back.

By the way, just as well I don't make youtube video playlists anymore.