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YouTube returns something that isn't a video and you get stuck

Started by DJGrim


Sometimes youtube's first result returned is not a video but some other link. When that happens, you get stuck creating the youtube playlist.

Unfortunately your API gives us no option to edit the search results (pick something else) before creating the youtube playlist.

I would like to be able to change your choice anyway as you very often return me the wrong video.

In this case I am creating the video playlist from a Spotify playlist so can't even change the text you are searching.

In addition you badly need a "back" or have the back button on the browser do its job of taking back to what I saw before I did the last action.



Hi 1 Can you provide an example search when youtube return a link in place of a video ? It really can help me debug !
Ok, edit and fix track by track by the user is in the roadmap. thanks for this feedback !
Yes not easy for the back button, i need to save the previous state. For the thext input it is easy but for playlist fetch… anyway i will work on this. Thanks again for the feedback.



These things can change at any moment as we are at the mercy of what youtube returns to our search results, and as someone who also has a program that searches youtube, their failure to have proper metadata and subsequently actually get you what you want in a search is a massive pain.

The track that generated the problem today was Nerina Pallot - Man Didn't Walk On The Moon - Radio edit. (I normally remove "radio edit" from any youtube search but this came from your app where I imported from Spotify first)