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Youtube URL recognition issue

Started by MicaLovesKPOP


While converting my plain text list of videos I extracted from an AIMP3 playlist, it got confused with one track because a random video used the video's link in its title. So far other videos seem to be picked up correctly, although I'm not sure what would happen if a video was made private or was deleted.

P.S.: Unless the converter automatically knows to split up the playlists (honestly playlists are best kept at least under 1000 videos, if not less, for stability reasons), I'll be adding a feature request soon as well.

P.P.S.: It's a shame I've had to resort to programs like AIMP3 and your converter to use Youtube playlists that have been horribly broken for maybe 2 years now. As well as websites to play Youtube playlists over 200 videos, as Youtube can only shuffle 200 videos at most on its own. Thank you for making our lives easier though!