About Playlist Converter


Playlist Converter is a playlist conversion tool. It will move for you a playlist from a service to another. You will gain a lot amount of time. Imagine you have your playlist on deezer, and then you decide to move to spotify: how to retreive your old playlist ? Without a tool like this you need to search again for each artist / track and add it again to your new playlist. It can take hours or days ! With playlist converter just clic and wait for the synchronisation process. It can take several seconds.

History and author

This service is provided by me, Mathieu ELIE. I am a french freelance developer from bordeaux France. I work on this project on my spare time. Most of the time i work for clients on topics like javascript, ruby, d3.js and elasticsearch.

Years ago i created OnePlaylist. This service was a kind of playlist sharing and synchronization: make one playlist, listen it everywhere on every service. The idea was smarter than getting users. I pivotated to a platform providing millions of playlists build with data. I decided to stop this service in 2015. But i got a new idea from this concept...

Just convert playlist ! I decided to create a new service with a simple and clear concept. Convert playlist from one service to another. Just do one thing.

In 2014 i relase the first version of Playlist Converter. Then it took times to get its success but today i can say that i am happy with my users community.

Years after years i have added serveral services and took time to fix bugs on user request. I also add features sometimes. I just need more time to work on this project... i am alone behind it.

How does it works ?

Playlist Converter make granted api calls. Apis are endpoints other programs can call. Via this apis you authorize this app to manage your account playlists. You do this on both side: source playlist service and destination playlist service. Then calling api search for corresponding tracks from one service to another. In best effort. Some times i did not find corresponding track. So to convert a playlist from spotify to deezer you need to authorize Playlist Converter to access and manage both. Then the magic happens, may api calls after you got your converted playlist !

Future of the service: stay free ?

I would like to keep this service free. I got somne donation helping renting the servers. I put some ads too. I think not everybody can pay and music should be accessible for everyone. I would like than everyone pay as they can afford...

I will add new features regularly. If i got more donations and traffic maybe i could spend less times with my clients and more on Playlist Converter !