Convert your playlists from deezer to spotify

This is a simple tutorial on how to convert your deezer playlists to spotify. We will use our wonderfull free application playlist converter.

1. Go to

Playlist converter is a free web application to convert playlist. It manages deezer and spotify too.

It is a web application so you need to be connected to internet and visit the site with a laptop or desktop computer.

2. Click on deezer tab icon.

You have many tab on the application (spotify, youtube, etc..). Choose deezer.

2. Click on 'Connect to your Deezer Account and Grab Your Existing Playlists'.

This is a big blue button inside the deezer tab.

Click on it. You will be redirected to deezer to authenticate our app. You now give the permission of our applicatin to get your playlist content directly inside your account.

When you are back from deezer a dropdown appear with a list of your deezer playlists.

3. Select the playlist you want to convert in the dropdown.

Now let the magic happened ! Playlist converter will grab all your track and find the same one on spotify....

4. Click on 'Export to spotify - URIs list / text'

Click on the buuton ' Export to spotify - URIs list / text' and a list of uris / track ids will appear.

5. Copy the track list.

Use command + c on mac or control + c on windows to copy the tracks.

6. Create a new playlist on spotify.

Go to the spotify applicaiton and create a new playlist. Choose the name you want.

7. Paste the tracks to the new playlist.

Click on the new playlist. Then use command + v or control + v.

Thats all ! The tracks will magically appear on the track list ! Enjoy your music on another plateform ;).

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